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The course for realistic drawings

If you are involved in art professionally or as a hobby, whether you are just  a beginner or advanced – you won't believe what can come out of your hands!

When I created the course for realistic drawing, it was clear to me that I wanted to create a course that would encapsulate the best tools that were meaningful, enhancing, and practical for me in drawing.

The course consists of 9 recorded lessons of professional quality, with a total length of five and a half hours, with the length of each lesson being 25-60 minutes, depending on the subject the lesson will cover

A brief sample from a lesson in the realistic course

ציור של זוג ציפורים
Course program
Proper use of equipment

How to recognize and understand what equipment to buy and how to use it correctly

Blending and color mixing

In this lesson we will learn the different methods for combining and mixing colors with pencil colors

A practical understanding of light and shadow

We will learn and practice the correct use of light and shadow in drawing to help us become better artists

Drawing transparent objects

We will understand the necessary principles for creating the illusion of transparency in artworks.we will  
also practice drawing transparent objects

Proportion and form

We will learn how to approach drawing, how to depict it through observation, and methods for doing so through practical experimentation

Painting, Texture

We will learn how to create different textures, starting from drawing the texture of fur and hair to drawing the texture of wood and grass

Drawing eyes

In this lesson toy will learn everything you need to know about drawing eyes of humans and animals - from learning the anatomy of the eye to practical work in drawing

Principles in portrait drawing

We will learn how to draw faces from understanding the anatomy of the face, work on portrait.
practice drawing lips, nose, and faces from various angles

Step by step: full drawing

We will work together on a realistic drawing using the tools and techniques learned throughout the course

Frequently asked questions

If I have no background in drawing, is the course suitable for me

Absolutely. Everything is explained in an accessible way, starting from ground zero. You won't believe what you can achieve

Is it possible to purchase the course as a gift for someone else?

Of course, a fantastic gift! The user details can be transferred to the person for whom you purchased the course

Where are the classes held and at what time?

After purchase, you will receive personal login details, allowing you to access the course lessons at your convenience

What if I find something unclear during the course?

There is a closed Facebook group for course participants, where you can upload your work, ask questions, and receive professional feedback

What age is the course suitable for?

12+ with or without a background in drawing. But age is just a number, why not give the free trial lesson a try?

How to get the equipment for the course

We've prepared a kit for you with all the professional drawing equipment at a great price

For purchase >

Results from course participants

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